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Covid Transport

Drivers trained for this service respect a specific protocol designed to safely transport individuals infected or potentially infected with Covid-19. All drivers that offer this type of transport are trained and do so on a voluntary basis.

COVID-19 protocol

Safety measures applied by our drivers; 

**Taxelco inspectors are also constantly monitoring this type of transport, ensuring that all obligatory measures are met.  

  • Driver must wear a mask that adequately covers the nose and mouth 
  • Driver must ensure that the customer wears an adequate mask and gloves 
  • Driver must ensure that the customer does not come into contact with surfaces that are frequently used or touched by other customers  
  • Driver must open the rear door and window for the customer 
  • Driver must disinfect the vehicle between EVERY customer 


Obligatory safety measures for customers; 

  1. Customer must wear a mask that adequately covers the nose and mouth 
  2. Customer must limit their contact with frequently used surfaces 
  3. Customer must use a payment method other than cash 


How to take advantage of our COVID-19 transportation service?

To order a taxi, please contact the call center directly at 450-699-1999, mentioning that it is a COVID-19 transport during your call.

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